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Author 2020-09-23

Mechanism of cell wall polysaccharides in yeast on immune function

1.1 Mechanism of action of -glucan The immunomodulatory effects of polysaccharides on the body are mainly realized through the following ways: It plays a role by regulating the expression level o...



Author 2020-09-19

Advances in the application of yeast cell walls to ruminants

Yeast cell wall is widely used as an immune booster in animal culture. It can increase the immune level of animals, relieve various stress reactions and adsorb mycotoxin. In recent years, with the...



Author 2020-09-14

Application of metabolites of Bacillus in feed and fermentation

Bacillus: Generally defined as a class of aerobic or facultative anaerobic gram-positive rod or globular bacteria that can form spores (endospores). They include Bacillus, Lactobacillus, Clostridium, ...



Author 2020-07-31

Why should Bacillus subtilis be added to bacterial fertilizer!

Bacillus subtilis widely exists in nature. It is not only active in the external environment such as soil, plant rhizosphere and body surface, but also common endogenous bacteria in plants. It is non-...



Author 2020-07-17

Use Bacillus in aquaculture well to increase production and income!

Have you ever met your pond, Water foam? Thick green water? Black water? High pH value? A sudden surge in salt? Pour algae without warning? The pond load is relatively large in high temperature se...



Author 2020-07-02

What are the reasons for the deterioration of pond bottom?

The bottom of the pond is the "energy bank" of the water body, as well as the "pollution source" and the "hotbed of germs". The fish-raisers all know the saying "fish-farming first raises water, howev...



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