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The function of beer yeast powder for feed

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The function of beer yeast powder for feed啤酒酵母粉的饲料功能啤酒酵母粉的饲料功能

The production of feed beer yeast powder is a high-quality feed protein source produced by advanced technology fermentation using high-quality raw materials and first-class equipment. Feed beer yeast powder is not only a new type of feed protein raw material with high efficiency and low price, but also a rare high-quality feed yeast.饲料啤酒酵母粉的生产是采用优质原料,一流设备,采用先进工艺发酵生产的优质饲料蛋白源。饲料啤酒酵母粉是一种高效、价廉的新型饲料蛋白原料,也是一种不可多得的优质饲料酵母。饲料啤酒酵母粉的生产是采用优质原料,一流设备,采用先进工艺发酵生产的优质饲料蛋白源。饲料啤酒酵母粉是一种高效、价廉的新型饲料蛋白原料,也是一种不可多得的优质饲料酵母。

The function of feed beer yeast powder is to have a special aroma and good palatability!饲料啤酒酵母粉的作用是具有特殊的香气和良好的适口性!饲料啤酒酵母粉的作用是具有特殊的香气和良好的适口性!

Adding appropriate amounts of feed can effectively improve the utilization rate of feed, enhance the disease prevention and disease resistance ability of detached animals, and especially have a good preventive effect on red and white dysentery in detached animals. And this product also has the effects of strengthening appetite, invigorating the spleen, and promoting the growth of detached animals.添加适量饲料可有效提高饲料利用率,增强离体动物的防病和抗病能力,尤其对离体动物的红白痢有很好的预防效果。本品还具有强食欲、健脾、促进离体动物生长的功效。添加适量饲料可有效提高饲料利用率,增强离体动物的防病和抗病能力,尤其对离体动物的红白痢有很好的预防效果。本品还具有强食欲、健脾、促进离体动物生长的功效。

Feed beer yeast powder contains rich protein, amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements, as well as digestive enzymes and some unknown growth stimulating factors. It has high biological activity and can promote animal metabolism, enhance appetite, facilitate digestion and absorption, accelerate animal growth and development, and improve their ability to resist diseases and diseases.饲料啤酒酵母粉含有丰富的蛋白质、氨基酸、维生素和微量元素,以及消化酶和一些未知的生长刺激因子。具有较高的生物活性,能促进动物新陈代谢,增强食欲,促进消化吸收,加速动物生长发育,提高其抗病抗病能力。饲料啤酒酵母粉含有丰富的蛋白质、氨基酸、维生素和微量元素,以及消化酶和一些未知的生长刺激因子。具有较高的生物活性,能促进动物新陈代谢,增强食欲,促进消化吸收,加速动物生长发育,提高其抗病抗病能力。
Feed beer yeast powder has good palatability, low cost, and good economic benefits. It can replace some feed protein raw materials such as fish meal, soybean meal, meat powder, and blood powder. Having conducted various experiments on cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, fish, etc., it has achieved good results without any adverse reactions and is a rare microbial feed protein raw material in the feed industry,
Quality indicators:
Protein ≥ 40% Water ≤ 8.0% Ash ≤ 9.0%


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