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The effect of allicin on poultry

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Allicin used in poultry has antibacterial effects, growth promoting effects, enhancing immunity, antiviral effects, and improving feed conversion rates.大蒜素用于家禽具有抗菌、促生长、增强免疫力、抗病毒、提高饲料转化率等作用。大蒜素用于家禽具有抗菌、促生长、增强免疫力、抗病毒、提高饲料转化率等作用。




1. Antibacterial effect 1. 抗菌效果





Allicin has antibacterial properties because it can inhibit the growth and reproduction of various bacteria and fungi. To protect poultry health and prevent infectious diseases by reducing the number of harmful microorganisms. Allicin can be added to feed as a preservative.大蒜素具有抗菌作用,因为它能抑制各种细菌和真菌的生长和繁殖。通过减少有害微生物的数量来保护家禽健康和预防传染病。大蒜素可以作为防腐剂添加到饲料中。大蒜素具有抗菌作用,因为它能抑制各种细菌和真菌的生长和繁殖。通过减少有害微生物的数量来保护家禽健康和预防传染病。大蒜素可以作为防腐剂添加到饲料中。







2. Growth promoting effect2. 促生长作用2. 促生长作用2. 促生长作用


Allicin can promote the appetite of poultry, increase food intake, and thus promote their growth and development. Especially suitable for growing poultry such as chicks and ducks. It can be added in moderation to the feed under the guidance of a veterinarian.大蒜素能促进家禽食欲,增加摄食量,从而促进其生长发育。特别适合生长的家禽,如小鸡和鸭子。可在兽医指导下适量添加到饲料中。大蒜素能促进家禽食欲,增加摄食量,从而促进其生长发育。特别适合生长的家禽,如小鸡和鸭子。可在兽医指导下适量添加到饲料中。







3. Enhance immunity 3. 增强免疫力


The sulfides in allicin have the effect of enhancing the body's immune function, which can effectively enhance the resistance of poultry. Suitable for preventing and treating various diseases caused by pathogens. Can be used as an additive in the diet for long-term use.大蒜素中的硫化物具有增强机体免疫功能的作用,能有效增强家禽的抵抗力。适用于预防和治疗各种病原体引起的疾病。可作为膳食添加剂长期使用。大蒜素中的硫化物具有增强机体免疫功能的作用,能有效增强家禽的抵抗力。适用于预防和治疗各种病原体引起的疾病。可作为膳食添加剂长期使用。







4. Antiviral effects 4. 抗病毒效果


Allicin has a strong inhibitory effect on various animal viruses, mainly because its components such as allicin and allyl disulfide have the ability to directly kill or inhibit virus replication. It can be used to prevent and treat respiratory diseases caused by viral infections. The dosage and usage time can be flexibly adjusted according to specific circumstances.大蒜素对各种动物病毒有较强的抑制作用,主要是因为其成分如大蒜素、二硫化烯丙基等具有直接杀伤或抑制病毒复制的能力。它可以用来预防和治疗由病毒感染引起的呼吸道疾病。剂量和使用时间可根据具体情况灵活调整。大蒜素对各种动物病毒有较强的抑制作用,主要是因为其成分如大蒜素、二硫化烯丙基等具有直接杀伤或抑制病毒复制的能力。它可以用来预防和治疗由病毒感染引起的呼吸道疾病。剂量和使用时间可根据具体情况灵活调整。







5. Improve feed conversion rate5. 提高饲料转化率5. 提高饲料转化率5. 提高饲料转化率


Allicin, as a natural plant extract, has certain antioxidant activity and can help reduce the degree of fat oxidation in feed, thereby improving feed utilization. Suitable for poultry populations that require weight or lipid control. The effect can be optimized by appropriately increasing the amount of allicin used.大蒜素是一种天然植物提取物,具有一定的抗氧化活性,有助于降低饲料中脂肪的氧化程度,从而提高饲料的利用率。适用于需要控制体重或血脂的家禽种群。适当增加大蒜素的用量可优化其效果。大蒜素是一种天然植物提取物,具有一定的抗氧化活性,有助于降低饲料中脂肪的氧化程度,从而提高饲料的利用率。适用于需要控制体重或血脂的家禽种群。适当增加大蒜素的用量可优化其效果。



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