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The effect of beer yeast on pigs

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The effects of beer yeast on pigs mainly include:

Enhance palatability and appetite. The special aroma of beer yeast powder can improve the palatability of feed and promote the feed intake of pigs.

Promote growth. The UGF (unknown growth factor) and other nutrients such as protein, amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements contained in beer yeast jointly promote pig growth and improve weight gain performance.

Boost immunity. The yeast cell wall in beer yeast β- Ingredients such as pectin can enhance the immunity, disease resistance, and stress resistance of pigs.

Improve digestive health. It can reduce intestinal pathogens, promote beneficial bacterial reproduction, regulate the balance of digestive tract microbiota, and improve intestinal function.

Improve feed utilization efficiency. The addition of beer yeast can improve the utilization rate of feed and save feed costs.

Reduce diarrhea rate. The application in piglet feed shows that adding beer yeast can significantly reduce the diarrhea rate of piglets.

Promote organ development. It has a significant effect on the organ development and system function enhancement of piglets.

In addition, beer yeast is also used in pig farming to prevent and assist in the treatment of diseases, promote the physical recovery of sick pigs, and reduce the use of antibiotics


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