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The effect of beer yeast powder on pigs

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The effect of beer yeast powder on pigs啤酒酵母粉对猪的影响


Beer yeast powder contains nearly 50 types of nutrients, with a protein content of over 50%, a balanced proportion of amino acids, and is rich in B vitamins and trace elements, especially functional β - glucan and oligosaccharides. Pig beer yeast powder has no drug resistance, residue, and toxic side effects, and is a green protein raw material for pig farming in the 21st century.啤酒酵母粉含有近50种营养物质,蛋白质含量达50%以上,氨基酸比例均衡,富含B族维生素和微量元素,尤其是功能性β -葡聚糖和低聚糖。猪啤酒酵母粉无耐药性、无残留、无毒副作用,是21世纪养猪业的绿色蛋白质原料。


The effect of beer yeast powder on pigs:啤酒酵母粉对猪的影响:


1. Beer yeast powder has strong natural appetite inducing properties and can enhance the palatability of pig feed.1. 啤酒酵母粉具有较强的天然食欲诱导特性,可提高猪饲料的适口性。


2. Beer yeast powder for pig breeding contains abundant unknown growth factors such as UGF, which has a great promoting effect on pig growth.2. 种猪用啤酒酵母粉中含有丰富的UGF等未知生长因子,对猪的生长有很大的促进作用。


3. Beer yeast powder has good natural adhesion performance and can increase the adhesion of pig feed.3. 啤酒酵母粉具有良好的天然粘附性能,可提高猪饲料的粘附性。


4. Pig feed yeast powder contains pure yeast protein and carbohydrates, which can reduce the amount of other nutritional proteins added. The yeast protein in it has a significant effect on promoting lactation in sows.4. 猪饲料酵母粉中含有纯酵母蛋白和碳水化合物,可以减少其他营养蛋白的添加量。其中的酵母蛋白对母猪泌乳有显著的促进作用。


5. Pig beer yeast powder contains unique yeast cell walls, which can enhance the non-specific ability of pigs and enhance their disease resistance and stress resistance.5. 猪啤酒酵母粉含有独特的酵母细胞壁,可以增强猪的非特异性能力,增强猪的抗病性和抗逆性。


6. It can promote the development of piglet organs, strengthen system functions, and improve piglet adaptability to the environment and stress resistance.6. 促进仔猪各器官发育,增强系统功能,提高仔猪对环境的适应能力和抗逆性。


7. It can reduce intestinal pathogens, promote beneficial bacterial reproduction, regulate the balance of the digestive tract microbiota in pigs, and improve intestinal function.7. 可减少猪肠道病原菌,促进有益菌繁殖,调节猪消化道菌群平衡,改善肠道功能。


8. Beer yeast powder has a strong adsorption effect on mycotoxins in pig feed, which greatly reduces the erosion of pathogens on the pig body.8. 啤酒酵母粉对猪饲料中的霉菌毒素有很强的吸附作用,大大减少了病原体对猪身体的侵蚀。


9. Beer yeast powder can stimulate the endocrine system of pigs, increase feed intake, improve feed utilization, thereby promoting growth and improving weight gain performance.9. 啤酒酵母粉能刺激猪的内分泌系统,增加采食量,提高饲料利用率,从而促进生长,提高增重性能。


10. The effect of beer yeast powder on pigs is significant in preventing and assisting in the treatment of diseases, promoting the physical recovery of sick pigs, reducing antibiotic dosage, and lowering medication costs.10. 啤酒酵母粉对猪具有预防和辅助治疗疾病、促进病猪身体恢复、减少抗生素用量、降低用药费用等显著作用。


Main ingredients: 主要成分:


Crude protein moisture and ash content粗蛋白质水分和灰分含量


≤ 40% ≥ 8.0% ≥ 9.0%


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