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How important beer yeast is to dogs

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How important beer yeast is to dogs啤酒酵母对狗有多重要

For us, dogs are not only animals but also our family members. They also need to supplement various vitamins and probiotics in their daily lives. Now let's learn about the various benefits of beer yeast for dogs, including:对我们来说,狗不仅是动物,也是我们的家庭成员。他们在日常生活中也需要补充各种维生素和益生菌。现在让我们来了解一下啤酒酵母对狗狗的各种好处,包括:

Increasing high-quality dietary fiber: helps regulate appetite, accelerate fat metabolism, and eliminate fat toxins in the intestines.增加优质膳食纤维:有助于调节食欲,加速脂肪代谢,消除肠道脂肪毒素。



Contains glucan and mannan oligosaccharides: These components have stimulating immune system and anti-tumor activity, helping to reduce cholesterol levels.含有葡聚糖和甘露聚糖低聚糖:这些成分具有刺激免疫系统和抗肿瘤活性,有助于降低胆固醇水平。含有葡聚糖和甘露聚糖低聚糖:这些成分具有刺激免疫系统和抗肿瘤活性,有助于降低胆固醇水平。


Rich in vitamin B: supports the metabolic and digestive processes of dogs, and is beneficial for the health of skin and hair.富含维生素B:支持狗的新陈代谢和消化过程,有利于皮肤和毛发的健康。

It has a deworming effect: Beer yeast can penetrate into the skin of dogs and be excreted from their pores, reducing the attraction of fleas and playing a preventive role.有驱虫作用:啤酒酵母能渗入狗的皮肤,从毛孔排出,减少跳蚤的吸引力,起到预防作用。

To ensure that dogs can safely enjoy the benefits of beer yeast, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian for an appropriate amount and add beer yeast flakes to their food.为了确保狗狗可以安全地享受啤酒酵母的好处,建议向兽医咨询适当的量,并在食物中添加啤酒酵母片。


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