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The effect of Bacillus subtilis on plants

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The effect of Bacillus subtilis on plants枯草芽孢杆菌对植物的影响

Bacillus subtilis has various positive effects on plants, including promoting plant growth and development, enhancing plant immunity, regulating plant hormone balance, enhancing soil quality, and increasing soil organic matter content. The following is detailed information:枯草芽孢杆菌对植物具有促进植物生长发育、增强植物免疫力、调节植物激素平衡、改善土壤质量、增加土壤有机质含量等多种正向作用。详细信息如下:

Promote plant growth and development. Bacillus subtilis can form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, promote root development and nutrient absorption, and improve growth rate and biomass.促进植物生长发育。枯草芽孢杆菌能与植物根系形成共生关系,促进根系发育和养分吸收,提高生长速度和生物量。

Enhance plant immunity. It can decompose toxic substances in the soil, reduce the number of bacteria and pathogens, and produce antibiotics, enhancing the plant's disease resistance.增强植物免疫力。它可以分解土壤中的有毒物质,减少细菌和病原体的数量,并产生抗生素,增强植物的抗病性。

Regulate plant hormone balance. Bacillus subtilis can also secrete plant hormones, such as cytokinins, to promote plant growth and development, while inhibiting excessive growth and maintaining good plant morphology.调节植物激素平衡。枯草芽孢杆菌还能分泌细胞分裂素等植物激素,促进植物生长发育,同时抑制过度生长,维持良好的植物形态。

Improve soil quality. Bacillus subtilis decomposes organic matter in soil, produces beneficial bacteria, increases soil microbial activity, and improves nutrient absorption.改善土壤质量。枯草芽孢杆菌分解土壤中的有机物,产生有益菌,增加土壤微生物活性,改善养分吸收。

Increase soil organic matter content. It can decompose organic matter such as fallen leaves and residues into nutrients suitable for plant growth, improve soil structure, and enhance water and fertilizer retention performance.增加土壤有机质含量。它能将落叶、残余物等有机质分解成适合植物生长的养分,改善土壤结构,增强保水保肥性能。

Inhibiting pathogens. Bacillus subtilis produces antibiotics and antifungal active substances, inhibiting pathogens and harmful microorganisms in soil, and protecting plants from disease invasion.抑制病原体。枯草芽孢杆菌产生抗生素和抗真菌活性物质,抑制土壤中的病原体和有害微生物,保护植物免受病害侵袭。

Enhance soil fertility and water retention. Reduce soil erosion and drying risks, and provide sufficient nutrients for plants.提高土壤肥力和保水能力。减少水土流失和干旱风险,为植物提供充足的养分。

Inducing plants to develop resistance. It can induce the plant's own disease resistance mechanism and enhance the plant's disease resistance performance.诱导植物产生抗性的。它可以诱导植物自身的抗病机制,提高植物的抗病性能。

In summary, the positive effects of Bacillus subtilis on plants are multifaceted, from promoting growth to improving disease resistance, and then improving soil health. It plays an important role in sustainable agricultural development.综上所述,枯草芽孢杆菌对植物的积极作用是多方面的,从促进生长到提高抗病性,再到改善土壤健康。它在农业可持续发展中发挥着重要作用。


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