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Why yeast cell walls are widely used in poultry feeds

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Yeast cell walls are known to be widely used in poultry feed as mycotoxin adsorbents because Mycotoxins have negative effects on most organs and systems in poultry and some are particularly sensitive to specific toxins. Aflatoxins mainly cause liver damage and ochratoxins cause severe kidney damage. Similarly, the gastrointestinal system is sensitive to monotrichothecenes and fumonisins affect sphingolipid metabolism in various organs. Only the immune system of the organism is affected by all the toxins and at low doses.

Poultry feeds and the ingredients used can easily harbour fungi. The main plant-based ingredients commonly used include maize, wheat, broken rice, millet, soya bean meal, sunflower meal, rapeseed meal, rice bran, wheat gluten and DDGS. in order to meet their high-energy and high-protein requirements, broiler feeds are mainly made from maize, wheat and soya bean meal. However, in most countries, commercial laying hens are fed low energy diets in order to reduce fat deposition and improve laying performance. This has led to the use of high fibre ingredients such as rice bran, wheat bran and DDGS by commercial laying hen nutritionists. high fibre ingredients and grain by-products have been shown to contain higher levels of mycotoxins than common grains and are further concentrated in the by-products. These influences, combined with the longer rearing cycle of laying hens, make them more sensitive to mycotoxins.

So this is the reason whey yeast cell walls are widly used in poultry feeds

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