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Why can biological fungus fertilizer change soil to raise root?

0 Author 2021-03-22 14:03:12

With the recropping of greenhouse vegetables, soil-borne diseases and the accumulation of self-toxic substances are becoming more and more serious, especially the mineral elements adsorbed by soil particles are increasing, presenting insoluble compounds, causing soil salinization. To change the situation of soil deterioration, it is obviously difficult to rely solely on chemical pesticides for soil treatment. Through the application of biological fertilizer, soil problems can be effectively solved.

First of all, if the number of Bacillus or yeast in the bacterial fertilizer reaches enough, it will form a certain number of beneficial bacteria, which can form a good protective barrier in the rhizosphere of crops. First, it can limit the reproduction and infection of harmful microorganisms and inhibit harmful bacteria, so it has the role of preventing and controlling soil-borne diseases. Second, Bacillus and other self-toxic substances that can decompose crops can also decompose the mineral elements that have been fixed in the soil, so that the nutrients that cannot be absorbed by crops for many years are repeatedly intensified and utilized, thus the salt content in the soil is gradually reduced to achieve the purpose of reducing salinization.

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