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Microbial agents used in what circumstances

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You can use the microbial agents of the following situations:

1. A pond with too much silt at the bottom

The reasons for the formation of silt at the bottom of the pond: the remaining baits and feces produced by long time baiting in the process of aquaculture, the organic fertilizer residues used in fertilizer and water, the organic debris of dead animals and plants, etc. The thick silt is the organic material layer. In the process of farming, if high temperature season or abrupt weather occurs, the organic matter layer will consume a large amount of dissolved oxygen in the water and release a large number of toxic substances, which will cause devastating damage to aquatic animals. In this case the pond can use microbial agents: EM bacteria, Bacillus compound, photosynthetic bacteria, nitrifying bacteria. Because microorganisms can decompose excessive organic matter and make the macromolecular organic matter decompose into small molecular inorganic substances that can be directly absorbed by organisms, the thickness of silt can be reduced through long-term use.

2, ammonia nitrogen, nitrous acid, hydrogen sulfide exceed the standard of water

If there is insufficient dissolved oxygen in the water, too much organic matter is easy to form ammonia nitrogen, nitrous acid, hydrogen sulfide and so on under the conditions of anaerobic fermentation. In this situation, the pond should treat the symptoms first and then treat the root cause. Specific methods: in a timely manner to reduce toxic substances concentration in water first to aerobic maintain aquatic animals breathe normally and oxidation of toxic substances into non-toxic material to reuse antioxidant oxidation oxygen organic matter, water indexes such as basic returned to normal after using microbial agents, EM bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, bacillus, nitrifying bacteria can decompose organic matter too much.


3. Water bodies with abnormal color

The reasons for the formation of the abnormal color of the water: some are caused by the formation of algae bloom, some organic fertilizer or straw straw dissolved in the water caused by tiny organic matter, some are caused by the massive reproduction of zooplankton, some are caused by excessive metal material, etc. If it is algae, zooplankton and microscopic organic matter that cause the abnormal color of the water, the number of these organisms can be controlled by adding microbial agents to the water to compete for nutrients with algae and zooplankton, and the effect of purifying the water quality can be achieved.


4. Aquatic animals with poor feeding and digestion conditions

Ingestion dyspepsia of aquatic animals may be caused by the slow or indigestible digestion of food in the digestive tract of aquatic animals. There may be a lack of beneficial digestive bacteria in the digestive tract of aquatic animals, or lack of pre-digestion of beneficial bacteria in food, leading to poor absorption. In this case, microbial agents can be evenly mixed into the feed to help aquatic animals digest the feed. Bacillus, lactic acid bacteria and yeast can help the digestive tract digest the feed and solve the problem of feeding and digestion of aquatic animals.


5. Aquatic animals with many diseases and low immunity

If the aquaculture animals are frequently infected with diseases or have low immunity for a long time, microbial agents can be added to the aquaculture water. On the one hand, microbial preparations can effectively improve the aquatic environment for aquatic animals to live in; on the other hand, microbial preparations can eliminate part of harmful microorganisms in the water, and at the same time, microbial preparations can effectively provide certain prebiotics to aquatic animals to enhance their immunity.


6, with the use of organic fertilizer water

Organic fertilizer and water in aquaculture is a very technical operation, organic fertilizer must be completely fermented to enter the water, but the fermentation of organic fertilizer is also slow release of organic nutrients, fertilizer effect is delayed, at the same time, oxygen consumption decomposition of organic fertilizer will bring great risks to water safety. If you need a faster rate of fertility and reduce the harm of organic fertilizer accumulation can use microbial agents, EM bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, Bacillus compound can help decompose organic fertilizer release inorganic nutrients fertilizer water.


7. As bait for aquatic animals to open young seedlings

Itself is a kind of microbial preparations containing high nutrient composition of tiny bacteria, yeast, photosynthetic bacteria, EM bacteria, bacillus, lactic acid bacteria, the fungus is a lot of young seedlings of aquatic animals openings bait, such as: crab seedling hatch, South America white shrimp seedlings, etc., these bacteria can be its feeding digestion, therefore in the process of incubation can add appropriately added probiotics as bait.

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