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The pond bottom improved method

0 Author 2021-04-12 10:15:15

Using biological repair breeding pond bottom, reduce sediment organic matter accumulation can obtain significant effect.

Microbial agents such as photosynthetic bacteria and compound probiotics can improve the pond bottom. Photosynthetic bacteria can multiply in the bottom of the pond with weak light, abundant organic matter, hydrogen sulfide and other substances, and use these materials to build their own, and themselves are prey on by other animals, which constitute an important link in the material cycle and food chain of the pond. Therefore, photosynthetic bacteria can play an obvious role, especially in the closed aquaculture ponds where the bottom of the pond is seriously polluted or the water quality is poor and the water cannot be changed. The compound microbial substrate modifier can give play to the synergistic effect of various strains, decompose and eliminate in time the hidden dangers affecting substrate deterioration such as residual baits, excreta, animal and plant carcasses, etc., which not only improves substrate and water quality, but also controls the spread and diffusion of pathogenic microorganisms and their diseases.

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