Bacillus subtilis
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Bacillus Subtilis

10billion cfu/g    20billion cfu/g    50billion cfu/g

100billion cfu/g   200billion cfu/g   500billion cfu/g

The few manufacturer which can produce 500billion cfu/g

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High Consentration Bacillus Subtilis For Animal Feed , Ariculture and Water Treatment

Product Descripion    

Fermented from high-activity pure bacterial strain, bacillus subtilis, as a kind of green and non-poisonous natural micro-biological additive


Off white powder




Smell of fermentation


Bacillus subtilis and its metabolites, appropriate carrier


1).Daily ration ,Premix feed add, Runimant, Poultry, Aquaculture, and Pet food add, etc
2).Production of biological organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer.

3).Various aquaculture ponds, seedling ponds and water improvement. 
4).Urban sewage and landscape water treatment, kitchen waste and livestock waste treatment.


Bacillus Subtilis Usage and Dosage
Calculate content as 2×1010 cfu/g ,dosage of other products can be according to the actual content for conversion

1 Usage in agricultural cultivation

1.1 Fermentation organic fertilizer: cooperate with other microbial powder are used together, adding amount of 100-200 g/ton

1.2 Configuration of organic fertilizer: use this product 200-300 g/mu and farmyard manure, chemical fertilizer or moderate fine soil after blending or topdressing, or water spray directly

2 Usage in livestock and poultry breeding

According to the 100-300 - g/ton level even added to the basal feed directly drinkable, can also be added in the feed processingent of diarrhea;
2. Improve the feed conversion rate;
3. Grow fast evidently;


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