Bacillus megatherium
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Bacillus megaterium is probiotic for animal health and agricultural probiotics


yellow-brown powder


slight fermentation odor


10/20/50 billion cfu/g

Loss on Drying 

≤ 8%

Particle Size 

≥ 90% pass 60 mesh sieve

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Bacillus megatherium

Bacillus megacetobacter can be used to produce phosphorus solubilizing and potassium fixation fertilizer. Bacillus megacetobacter has a good effect of degrading organophosphorus in soil, and is a common strain in the production of bio-organic fertilizer, and has an inhibitory effect on some crop disease bacteria.

I,Ingredients: Bacillus megaterium and its metabolic products, suitable carrier.

Bacillus megatherium
Bacillus megatherium product features:
1).Refined by a unique fermentation process.
2).Breeding ability fast, easy to survive, strong resistance.

Bacillus megatherium product function:

1).Improve fertilizer efficiency and promote the absorption of phosphorus.
Bacillus megacillus is a phospholytic bacterium, which has the characteristics of rapid reproduction, strong vitality, safety and non-toxicity. It dissolves calcium phosphorus, iron phosphorus, aluminum phosphorus and other compounds that are not easy to be absorbed in soil crops, and promotes the dissolution and utilization of ineffective phosphorus in soil.


2).Improve crop yield, improve crop quality. 
This product produces a large number of proteases, amino acids, cytokinins and so on, which can obviously improve the absorption rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients of crops.


3).Antibacterial disease prevention, promote growth.
Prevent plant diseases and apply it to tobacco leaves to improve the effect of tobacco fermentation and aroma increase.

Bacillus megatherium in organic fertilizer

Bacillus megatherium Scope of application

The production of biological organic fertilizer, fermentation organic fertilizer.

Bacillus megatherium Usage and dosage:
Calculated according to the content of 10 billion CFU /g, other product dosage can be converted according to the actual content.

1).Mix organic fertilizer or spray, drip irrigation (soluble carrier) : mix 1-2kg/ area of this product with farm fertilizer, chemical fertilizer or appropriate amount of fine soil and then apply bottom or topdressing. Transplanted crops can also be applied in holes or ditches. When applying fertilizer mechanically, mix this product with compound fertilizer or organic fertilizer, which can be applied into the soil with fertilizer or directly sprayed with water (with Bacillus subtilis or bacillus mucilaginosus, the effect is better).

2).Ferment organic fertilizer: Recommend to use it with fermentation products such as Bacillus subtilis or organic material decaying agent. Dosage is 100-150g/ton.

Notes: Do not use it together with disinfection or antimicrobial drugs
Shelf life: Keep in a cool and dry place for 12 months.

Packing: 25kg/ bag.

Bacillus megaterium

Bacillus megaterium

Bacillus megaterium


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