Bacillus subtilis
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Three major biological sterilization effects of Bacillus subtilis

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Three major biological sterilization effects of Bacillus subtilis枯草芽孢杆菌的三大生物杀菌作用

Bacillus subtilis is a bacterium, but it can kill fungi, promote growth, and improve soil environment. It is both a medicine and a fertilizer, which is the magical expenditure of Bacillus subtilis. The main function of Bacillus subtilis is to prevent and control soil borne diseases and improve soil.枯草芽孢杆菌是一种细菌,但它可以杀死真菌,促进生长,改善土壤环境。它既是药物又是肥料,这是枯草芽孢杆菌的神奇支出。枯草芽孢杆菌的主要作用是防治土传疾病和改良土壤。

Function 1: Bacillus subtilis can prevent and control root rot and wilt disease;功能1:枯草芽孢杆菌防治根腐病和枯萎病;

Function 2: Prevent crop diseases such as powdery mildew, gray mold, and ulcer disease;功能2:预防作物病害,如白粉病、灰霉病、溃疡病等;

Function 3: The metabolites of Bacillus subtilis can take root and promote growth.功能3:枯草芽孢杆菌的代谢物可以生根,促进生长。

Function 4: Bacillus subtilis is a beneficial bacterium that can remove harmful bacteria and improve the soil environment through biological oxygen harvesting.功能4:枯草芽孢杆菌是一种有益菌,可以通过生物捕氧去除有害细菌,改善土壤环境。

There are also some precautions when using Bacillus subtilis. It is necessary to avoid strong light periods and not use it together with carbonated herbicides and copper agents. Bacillus subtilis has strong stress resistance and a wide range of applications in agricultural cultivation. If you have any questions about microbial agents, you can message them privately在使用枯草芽孢杆菌时也有一些注意事项。应避免强光期使用,不宜与碳酸除草剂、铜剂混用。枯草芽孢杆菌具有较强的抗逆性,在农业栽培中有着广泛的应用。如果你对微生物制剂有任何疑问,你可以私下给他们发信息


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