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Yeast cell walls can effectively improve the quality of dairy products

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The cell wall of yeast is mainly composed of mannan, -glucan and binding proteins. Mannitan can adsorb pathogenic bacteria and mycotoxin, as the main raw materials, widely used in animal protection products and demildew agent products. The -glucan has the enhancement cow immunity, as the main raw material, widely USES in the immune enhancement agent product.

1. Improve the content of milk protein and milk fat

Studies have shown that the addition of 0.5-1% yeast cell walls to the dairy cow diet can significantly improve the growth efficiency of rumen microorganisms by stabilizing rumen health, meaning that the same unit of digestible organic matter can produce more MCP yield for milk protein synthesis. At the same time, the increased production of VFA also helps to improve the milk fat ratio. The practical application results in the pasture show that the milk protein can be increased by 0.1-0.2 percentage points (for example, the milk protein can be increased from 3.1% to 3.2-3.3%), the milk fat rate can be increased by 0.1-0.3 percentage points, and the milk yield can also be improved to some extent.

Reduce mycotoxins in milk

Yeast cell wall is an organic mycotoxin adsorbent, widely used in the current inorganic + organic compound demildew agent products, mainly adsorbed corn gibberellin, vomiting toxin and aflatoxin. Yeast glucan has a helical molecular structure, and its special configuration can form a specific complementary structure with a variety of mycotoxins, so as to firmly bind to a variety of mycotoxins and expel them from the body of animals through the intestinal tract. In addition, yeast glucan can oxidize the phenol oxidase into phenol oxidase by activating the phenol oxidase system, which can specifically degrade mycotoxins in feed, thus playing the role of adsorption and detoxification, and reducing the risk of aflatoxin exceeding the standard in milk.

3. Reduced somatic cells

The mannan in yeast cell wall adsorbs pathogenic microorganisms in cow body, and -glucan can increase the content of white blood cells, cytokines and immunoglobulin in cow blood, stabilize and enhance the body humoral immunity and cellular immunity, reduce the occurrence of mastitis, and reduce the number of somatic cells in milk.

Yeast cell wall is rich in higher mannan and -glucan, which can enhance its rumen health and stability function, immune function and toxin adsorption function, realize the practical effect of milk protein and milk fat enhancement, mycotoxin residue reduction and somatic cell reduction, and help the pasture to pass the test.


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