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The role of yeast nucleotides

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The yeast hydrolysate is in rich of nucleotides.

The action of yeast nucleotides:

1, food calling

Free nucleotides have a strong umami taste, can stimulate the taste of aquatic animals, increase food intake. Moreover, California bass is carnivorous freshwater fish and more sensitive to umami, so the addition of nucleotide-modified yeast hydrolysates in the feed of California bass can improve the palatability of the feed.

2. Maintain the normal function of the liver

Liver health is important in California bass, where nucleotides maintain liver function. Nucleotides are involved in regulating liver protein synthesis and promoting liver growth and lipid metabolism. When the liver's ability to "DE novo synthesis" of nucleotides is reduced, supplementation with exogenous nucleotides is particularly important.

3. Promote growth

The possible mechanism of nucleotide in promoting growth is that it ACTS as a protein kinase to enhance the activity of metabolic enzymes, induce the synthesis of growth hormone, and promote the synthesis of proteins in the body, thus resulting in weight gain.

4. Improve immunity

In terms of immunity, nucleotides improve the non-specific immune function of the body through its influence on macrophage phagocytosis. The biggest advantage of adding nucleotides in aquaculture is that it can enhance the tolerance of aquatic animals to the breeding environment. These environmental factors include water quality, breeding density and breeding methods.


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