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yeast cell wall has the ability to absorb multiple mycotoxins

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The special structure of the cell wall of yeast produces adsorption to mycotoxins. There are polysaccharides, proteins and lipids on the cell wall, and these substances can adsorb mycotoxins through hydrogen bonds, ionic bonds and hydrophobic forces.


Glucomannan is an active component from the cell wall of yeast and has certain adsorption capacity to mycotoxin. In vitro studies showed that glucomannan could adsorb up to 75% gibberellin. Aflatoxin was 92%; Fumarisin was 59%

Adsorption effect of glucomannan and clay on gibberellin from maize

Glumanannan was combined with other clay-like mycotoxin adsorbents (zeolite, sodium calcium silicate)

The effects of the combination with mycotoxin were compared. The results showed that the daily weight gain and feed conversion of piglets fed with glucomannan diet were higher than those of other treatment groups. Devegowda compared the adsorption effect of glucomannan and sodium calcium silicate on aflatoxin in moldy chicken feed. At the highest dosage, aflatoxin could absorb more than 80% of the feed, but the dosage of glucomannan was much lower. The adsorption effect of glucomannan on gibberellinone of maize was compared with that of other three clay products. They found that glucomannan adsorbed about 70% of corn gibberellinone within 10 minutes of addition, giving it an advantage over aluminosilicate adsorbents. In acute poisoning cases, that is, feed containing high concentration of aflatoxin, glucomannan can bind to aflatoxin up to 2000pg/ K g.


According to the definition of "ideal mycotoxin adsorbent", yeast cell wall has the ability to absorb multiple mycotoxins at the same time, with low and effective addition amount, high stability in the gastrointestinal tract, and can be degraded after discharge, etc. Is a very promising mycotoxin adsorbent product.

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