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Why are more and more people using microbial agents in agricultural production?

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1. Improve the soil

(1) Through the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, a large number of beneficial bacteria formed a dominant population around the roots of plants, which inhibited the life activities of other harmful bacteria.

(2) Fast decomposition of soil organic matter, promote the formation of soil aggregates, and through the activities of beneficial bacteria can loosen the soil, soil fertility, fertilizer supply, water retention, water supply and

The air permeability is well regulated.

(3) Decomposition of pesticide residues in the soil to avoid pesticide residues in the next crop. It also breaks down the harmful substances emitted by the root system during plant growth.

2. Function of nitrogen fixation, phosphorus and potassium

Can partially use nitrogen in the air, through the growth and metabolism of beneficial bacteria to produce the corresponding enzyme and acid, can the insoluble phosphorus in the soil, potash fertilizer (insoluble phosphorus in the soil

95% and 98% of insoluble potassium are broken down to form the phosphate potash that can be absorbed by the plant. Therefore, it can greatly improve the utilization rate of crops to fertilizer, thus reducing fertilizer

Application of materials.

3. Improve crop quality.

While releasing phosphorus and potassium, it can promote the release of trace elements in soil, which can be used by crops. Meanwhile, beneficial bacteria can metabolize and produce various substances needed by plants, such as

Small molecules of amino acids, growth stimulants, vitamins, etc.

4. Achieve the effect of biological control of diseases, irrigation root can inhibit the bacteria in the soil, spray to the leaves, can prevent the invasion of diseases.

5. Promote early maturation of crops and extend harvesting period. As the physical and chemical properties of soil have been improved, soil nutrients are rich and balanced, and fertilizers in the soil can be better used by crops

Absorption, therefore can promote crop early maturity and prolong the harvest period.

6. Combined with organic fertilizer, the soil can be improved continuously, and the soil can reach the standard of organic crop production in 2-3 years, because the beneficial bacteria can be fast

The fast decomposition of organic matter is absorbed by crops, so it overcomes the characteristics of slow fertilizer efficiency of organic fertilizer and low yield of organic fertilizer applied alone.

7. Unlike chemical fertilizer, microbial agents can bring excessive soluble nutrients into the soil at one time. Microbial agents can avoid environmental pollution, and beneficial bacteria are constantly present

Constant reproduction and metabolism around the root system of the plant provides nutrients to the plant continuously and in a non-excessive manner.

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