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Probiotics Bacillus pumilus used for agriculture

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Bacillus pumilus (Agricultural)

[Product Features]

1. Enhanced soil nutrients: Bacillus thuringiensis can significantly improve the degradation rate of plant straw and increase the content of soil available nitrogen, phosphorus and other elements.

2. Promoting plant growth: Bacillus pumilus has a significant promoting effect on the growth of arabidopsis, tobacco, soybean, pepper and other plants. It promotes the germination of seeds and the growth of roots, shoots and seedlings.

3. Enhance plant disease resistance, reduce the incidence of plant bacterial, fungal and viral diseases, and increase production by 10-30%. Bacillus pumilus can induce tobacco, cucumber and other plants to produce resistance to systemic virus disease and bacterial leaf spot disease.

4. Reduce the content of heavy metals in plants. The adsorption of cadmium by Bacillus sp. In soil can reduce the absorption of cadmium in rice roots and the concentration of cadmium in rice seeds by 10%.

5. Bacillus pumilus has obvious deodorization effect.

6. Bacillus pumilus can be used as an improved strain in saline soil. Inoculation of Bacillus pumilus under salt stress can promote the growth of licorice and alleviate the damage of salt stress on licorice. It can improve the antioxidant enzyme activity of soybean, wheat, tomato, corn and other crops, enhance the ability of removing reactive oxygen species, enhance the salt resistance of crops, and promote the growth and development of plants.


1, fertilizer production: according to the biological organic fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer, microbial agent registration standard. According to the economic affordability, can be repeated double use, better effect.

2. Application method as microbial agent: Bacillus thuringiensis, as an endophyte of plants, can be used for seed mixing, root dipping, root filling, base fertilizer mixing, leaf spraying, drip irrigation and sprinkling irrigation. Take the bacterial count content of 20 billion /g as an example, and the dosage should be 200-1000g/ mu, which should be applied regularly.

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