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Water soluble Bacillus subtilis

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Water soluble Bacillus subtilis 【 Characteristics 】 :

1. Fast reproduction: fast metabolism and fast reproduction

2. Strong vitality: strong acid and alkali resistance

3. Large volume: four times larger than the general pathogen molecules, occupying space advantage, inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria.

Water soluble Bacillus subtilis [Usage] :

1, production in line with industry standards of bio-organic fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer (effective bacteria ≥ 200 million/g). Take 100 billion/gram withered grass as an example, add 300 grams of organic fertilizer per ton.

2, 20 billion/g of withered grass recommended mu application amount of 1-1.5kg, before sowing, after harvest use effect is better. When used for crop disease prevention, the dosage can be appropriately increased to 2-3kg/ mu, and the dosage can be appropriately increased for fruit trees, which can be used to 3-4kg/ mu. (Dosage can also be used according to the actual situation).

4, water soluble withered grass can be applied and sprayed, shake well before use.

Seedling: 20-50 grams of soil per square into the seedbed, can be used with appropriate amount of fertilizer.

Rinse application: mix the product into mother liquor, rinse application with water, mu dosage of 250 grams.

Spread: use alone or with organic fertilizer, farm manure mixed evenly after use, after the use of timely ploughing into the soil, the amount of 1 kilogram per mu.

Spray: 30 grams of biological bacteria +100 grams of brown sugar to 15kg of water spray.

Irrigation root: after transplanting, dilute the product with water 500 times and irrigate the root.

Mix fertilizer: mix with organic fertilizer, soil miscellaneous fertilizer, chemical fertilizer, mix with.

According to the content of 1×1011CFU/g, the dosage of other products can be converted according to the practical content.

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