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How many do you know about nitrifying bacteria

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*Main ingredients: nitrification functional bacteria, suitable carrier (the product is subject to the actual shipment batch)

*Product features

1).Reduce the concentration of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in water and maintain a good aquaculture ecological environment

2).It can effectively inhibit the reproduction and growth of harmful algae, reduce the occurrence of diseases, purify and maintain good water quality

3).Promotes the normal growth of beneficial microorganisms, single-celled algae, and maintains bath phase and bacterial phase balance

*Application :  For aquaculture, rivers, lakes, etc.

*Usage and dosage

The suitable temperature for nitrification reaction is 20-30 ° C; when the temperature is lower than 15 ° C, the reaction speed decreases rapidly and the amount needs to be increased; when the reaction is almost completely stopped, the use is not recommended

*Matters needing attention: Do not use with disinfection and antibacterial drugs

*Shelf life, cool and dry storage, 12 months

*Packing: 25kg

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