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Use Bacillus in aquaculture well to increase production and income!

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Have you ever met your pond,
Water foam? Thick green water? Black water?
High pH value? A sudden surge in salt?
Pour algae without warning?
The pond load is relatively large in high temperature season,
The food intake is also large and there are many water quality problems.
Once it is not handled well, it is easy to cause unnecessary losses......
Must we prevent these problems in advance?
How to prevent it? Bacillus is your first choice!

Bacillus belongs to gram-positive bacteria, which is aerobic and can produce spores. It is a kind of heterotrophic bacteria with high activity of digestive enzyme system, high temperature resistance and stress resistance, and has strong resistance to external harmful factors. Widely distributed, it is abundant in soil, light seawater, air and animal intestinal tract. It has the characteristics of fast reproduction speed, strong vitality and large volume.

Application of bacillus in aquaculture
1. Improve the purified water quality
Bacillus secretes a large amount of highly active amylase, protease and lipase in the process of reproduction, which can rapidly degrade organic matters such as residual bait and feces, thus reducing COD and purifying water body; bacillus can also directly utilize nitrite and ammonia nitrogen in water to decompose carbon, nitrogen and sulfur compounds, thus improving the aquaculture water quality.
2. Bacteriostasis and killing pathogenic bacteria
Bacillus subtilis also produces an antibiotic (Bacillus subtilis) with inhibiting or killing microorganisms in the metabolic process, which can inhibit or kill harmful pathogenic bacteria in water and organisms through sprinkling and oral administration, competitive promotion of the reproduction and growth of beneficial bacteria to control harmful bacteria in aquaculture water and organisms, thus achieving the purpose of prevention and treatment of aquatic diseases.
3. Improve feed conversion
Bacillus can produce a variety of highly active enzymes, such as amylase, protease and lipase, which work together with digestive enzymes in digestive tract to improve feed utilization rate and promote growth.
1. Promote growth and improve immunity
Bacillus grows and reproduces in the intestinal tract of animals, can produce a variety of vitamins, growth promoting factors and other nutrients, participates in the metabolism of cultured animals, and improves the disease resistance of animals; it can stimulate the growth and development of fish immune organs and improve fish immunity.
Tips for using Bacillus
Aerobic sugar and water activation
Dissolve the carbon source (brown sugar, molasses, etc.) in the water body, add Bacillus and mix well, wake up the dormant Bacillus and sprinkle it for 3-4 hours.
Use of mixture fermentation
The activated Bacillus liquid and lactic acid bacteria liquid are sealed and fed overnight according to the mixed mixture of 1/4 of the feed, which can improve the gastrointestinal function of fish and shrimp, improve the feed utilization rate and promote growth.

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