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How to Use Bacillus Properly

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Bacillus belongs to Gram-positive bacteria, aerobic, can produce spores, is a class of heterotrophic bacteria with high activity of digestive enzyme system, high temperature resistance, and stress resistance. Bacillus can reduce the content of nitrate and nitrite in the water body, thus playing a role in improving water quality. It can also compete with harmful algae in the aquaculture environment and various pathogenic bacteria to form a dominant population and play a suppressive role.



Aquatic common bacillus characteristics

The characteristics of Bacillus are shown in the following aspects.

1. Most of the oxygen consumption: Bacillus most strictly aerobic, a few part-time anaerobic or strictly anaerobic.

2. Large size: 4-10μm, the volume is four times larger than the general pathogenic bacteria, effectively inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria.

3. Short life cycle: Bacillus such as Bacillus subtilis doubling the time required for 1.5-2 hours, come and go quickly, from the pond to decay life cycle of 3-5 days.


The effect of Bacillus microbial agents influence factors

1. The bottom dissolved oxygen: the current biological bottom change mainly use Bacillus subtilis-based compound microbial agents, bottom change at the same time need to consume a lot of oxygen. Especially in the middle and late stages of breeding, the bottom of the pond is the most polluted area, the bottom of the accumulated oxygen-consuming factors often make the bottom dissolved oxygen depletion, although the use of biological bottom change, but most of the bacteria dormant or did not reproduce, or even die, so in the middle and late stages of breeding, conventional biological bottom change is recommended to use with long-lasting oxygenating preparations, or use strictly anaerobic bacteria-based biological bottom change.

2. pH: under the photosynthesis of algae, the diurnal pH of the water body varies greatly, if in the low alkalinity water body, the pH fluctuation value is even greater, Bacillus is the most vigorous in the slightly alkaline water body. The fermentation of organic matter at the bottom of the pond leading to low pH will also affect the effect of the Bacillus preparation.

3. Temperature: most of the bacillus in 20 ℃ -37 ℃ within the better activity, below 10 ℃ when the vitality is poor, generally choose a sunny morning, plus open the oxygenator to increase oxygen, can make bacillus products to achieve maximum effect.

4. Nutrient level of the water body: The reproduction rate of the bacteriophage microbial preparation into the water body has a great relationship with the nutrient level of the water body. It is generally believed that the utilization rate of C, N and P of the water body for bacterial growth is 100:5:1.


How to use Bacillus correctly

1. Expansion without oxygenation, sealed fermentation. There are many farmers in accordance with EM, lactobacillus fermentation method to use bacteriological products, through the method to get the fermentation solution strain content is extremely low, the effect is greatly reduced, it is recommended not to expand the direct use.

2. Through the production of gas to determine the good and bad of the bacterium class microbial preparations. Bacillus encounter water and will not appear a large number of gas production phenomenon, usually this type of product added a large number of yeast, Bacillus strain content is doubtful.

3. Under normal circumstances, the pond bacteriophage has diversity and complexity, which is an important indicator to ensure the stability of the pond water, a large number of supplemental Bacillus has destroyed the pond's own bacteriophage, in Bacillus after 3-5 days of reproduction decay, the pond's bacteriophage will slowly recover, in between there will be a blank period, which will lead to a large number of harmful bacteria, the change of the bacteriophage drive the change of algae phase, the serious will be inverted, turn the water. Seriously, there will be inverted algae, turning water. After three days of using Bacillus, it is recommended to take measures to replant EM bacteria (concentrated EM bacteria) directly splashed with water to quickly restore the pond's bacterial phase.

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