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Microbial fertilizer refers to the use of microbial life activities and the role of metabolites, improve the crop nutrient supply, to provide crops with nutrient elements, growth substances, control its growth, to improve the yield and quality, reduce the use of chemical fertilizer, improve the purpose of soil fertility. Through the synthesis or decomposition of microbial life activities, the soil hardening and poor physical and chemical properties caused by long-term application of chemical fertilizers can be improved, so that the rhizosphere soil of crops can retain water and fertilizer with good permeability, and the root system of crops can be developed and the drought-resistant ability can be enhanced. Moreover, the dominant population of beneficial bacteria in crop rhizosphere formed by many beneficial microbial populations can antagonize the relatively weak population of pathogenic bacteria, destroy or weaken pathogenic bacteria, and thus reduce or avoid crop disease.

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1).Improve soil aggregate structure and micro-ecological environment, promote organic matter decomposition, and increase soil nutrients; Activate soil and improve soil fertility.

2).Under the regulation of beneficial microorganisms, the ecological environment of plant roots can be adjusted to form dominant bacterial colonies.

3).Dissolves calcium phosphorus, iron phosphorus, aluminum phosphorus and other compounds that are not easy to be absorbed in soil crops, and promotes the dissolution and utilization of ineffective phosphorus in soil.

4).Degrade pesticide residues in soil and fruits, improve vitamin and sugar content of fruits and vegetables, improve the quality of agricultural products, and increase crop yield.

5).Promote root growth, enhance root absorption capacity, so as to improve crop yield.


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