Saccharomyces cerevisiae For Rumiants

Active Dry Yeast

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Active Yeast in Ruminants:


Active yeast, when used in the feeding of ruminant animals such as cattle and sheep, can play several beneficial roles, including:


1. Digestive Promotion:

   Active yeast, rich in live yeast cultures, promotes the digestive system of ruminants, improving the breakdown and absorption efficiency of feed.


2. Appetite Enhancement:

   Active components in yeast help increase the appetite of ruminants, encouraging them to consume more feed and promoting better digestion.


3. Improved Feed Conversion Rate:

   Active yeast can enhance feed utilization, improving feed conversion efficiency and supporting the growth and production of ruminant animals more effectively.


4. Stabilizing the Rumen:

   Active yeast contributes to maintaining the stability of the rumen in ruminant animals, reducing gastrointestinal disturbances caused by changes in feed or other stress factors.


5. Increased Resistance to Stress:

   The use of active yeast can enhance the adaptation of ruminants to stress, helping to alleviate maladaptive responses caused by environmental changes or other pressures.


6. Microbial Balance Promotion:

   Active yeast contributes to maintaining microbial balance in the rumen of ruminants, increasing the population of beneficial bacteria and reducing the proliferation of harmful microbes.


7. Reduced Milking Stress:

   For dairy animals like cows that undergo frequent milking, the use of active yeast may help alleviate milking stress and maintain milk production stability.


In summary, the incorporation of active yeast as a feed additive in ruminant nutrition can enhance feed efficiency, promote animal health, and reduce issues arising from stress. When using active yeast, appropriate dosages and feeding methods should be determined based on specific feeding conditions and veterinarian recommendations.


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