Yeast hydrolysate
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Yeast Hydrolysate /Autolyzed Yeast

Packing:25kg/bag, 1000kg/bag;

Shelf life:24months, stored in cool and dry area.


16tons/20GP with pallet, 20tons/40GP without pallet;

26tons/20GP with pallet, 26tons/40GP without pallet;



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Feed Grade Spray Dried Yeast Hydrolysate /Autolyzed Yeast

(Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Yeast hydrolysates are hydrolyzed products of yeast cells, made by special enzymatic hydrolysis and wall breaking process. It contain a large number of amino acids, small peptides, rich B vitamins, glutathione and nucleotide substances. The nucleotide substances in yeast hydrolysates play an important nutritional role in animals, especially in young animals. In addition, the hydrolysate of inosine acid and guanylic acid can be used as increase fresh taste, in the aspect of promoting animal feeding has good application prospect. At the same time reduce the death rate of piglets obviously increase the growth rate, now all kinds of animals have been widely used.





Amino Acid Nitrogen


Grade 1






Grade 2






Grade 3






Product features:

High protein premium yeast strain by using enzymolysis and wall broken technique

Rich in nutritious staff, no carrier, safe and secure

Fully adapt to high temperature and pelleting process

Product Efficacy:

Incorporated nucleotide has strong fresh smell which can improve the feed palatability

Supply nucleotide from external source and promote the growth of animals

Improve the anti-infection ability towards virus and bacteria

Bioactive peptide can remove oxygen radical, prevent the oxidation of animo acid and promote the synthesis of protein




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