Yeast extract
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Yeast Extract


Shelf life:24months,

The product is rich in various types of amino acid, nuleric acid, etc and it shall be stored in cool and dry area to avoid moisture.


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Yeast Extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Applying fresh yeast as raw material, yeast extract is made through wall-broken, selective enzymatic hydrolysis, delicate purification, and concentration and drying process. It’s rich in protein, free amino acid, small peptide, Vitamin B, etc. to effectively promote the feed palatability and immunity and therefore good for animal growth.

Item Ammonia Nitrogen Total Nitrogen Moisture Ash Nucleotide
Yeast Extract  ≥3.0% ≥9.5% 10% 10% ≥8%

Product Features:

Pure yeast product, no auxiliary ingredients and carrier

With comprehensive nutritions, rich in protein and small peptide

Thallus functional protein, high biosecurity

Product Efficacy:

Rich in nucleic acid, good for repair and improve damaged intestinal mucosa

Rich in nucleotide and glutamic acid to improve feed palatability and applicable as food attractant

Abundant nutritious staff is easy for digestion with high absorptivity and can promote the animal growth effectively.




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