Yeast Cell Wall For Mycotoxin Adsorption
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Yeast Cell Wall For Mycotoxin Adsorption

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1. Adsorption of fungal toxins: Yeast cell walls have strong adsorption capacity and can bind to fungal toxins such as aflatoxins, ochratoxins, etc. This adsorption effect can prevent fungal toxins from being passively absorbed into objects, reducing their toxic effects on animals.

2. Reduce the bioavailability of mycotoxins: Yeast cell walls adsorb mycotoxins and wrap them in the cell wall structure, thereby reducing the bioavailability of mycotoxins in animals. This helps to reduce exposure and damage to mycotoxins in animals.

1. Physical adsorption: In the yeast cell wall β- Components such as pectin and proteins bind to fungal toxins through physical interactions such as electrostatic attraction, hydrogen bonding, and van der Waals forces. This physical adsorption enables the stable fixation of fungal toxins on the yeast cell wall.

2. Surface activity: Yeast cell walls have certain surface activity and can form complex structures with fungal toxins. This surface activity helps to form complexes that encapsulate fungal toxins, reducing their absorption in animal bodies.

3. Chemical binding: Functional groups in yeast cell walls have some chemical affinity and can chemically bind with fungal toxins. This chemical binding may include hydrogen bonds, covalent bonds, etc., enhancing the yeast cell wall's ability to immobilize fungal toxins.

Overall, these mechanisms of action of yeast cell walls contribute to reducing the bioavailability of fungal toxins in the digestive tract of animals, thereby mitigating their adverse effects on animal health. Yeast cell walls are widely used in animal feed as a natural and safe detoxifying agent, which helps improve the quality of feed and the production performance of animals.



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