Brewer’s yeast
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Inactive brewers yeast powder

Packing:25kg/bag; 1000kg/bag

Shelf life:24months, stored in cool and dry area


16tons /20GP with pallet; 20tons /40GP without pallet

26tons /40GP with pallet; 26tons /40GP without pallet


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Feed Grade Inactive Roller Dried Brewer's Yeast Powder (saccharomyces cerevisiae)


The brewers yeast powder which produce by Hebei Shuntian biotechnology Co.,Ltd are selected fresh Qingdao brewers yeast mud as raw material, Its rich in high protein ,18 types of amino acid, vitamin B, organic microelement and minerals. As it’s non-polluted, no residue and non-toxic, it’s regarded as a kind of natural, green and high-efficiency protein feed.


Item Protein Moisture


Grade 1




Grade 2






Product Features:

100% pure brewer’s yeast mud as raw material

Rich in 18 types of amino acid and almost 50 kinds of nutritions

Work as a natural food attractant applicable to all kinds of animals

Product Efficacy:

Growth factors can effectively promote the growth of animals

Good caking property can increase the efficiency of feed utilization

Pure yeast protein and carbohydrate can decrease the usage of fish meal and whey protein powder.

Yeast cell wall incorporated can improve the immunity of animals, strengthen the disease resistance and anti-stress ability.







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