Brewers Yeast For Racing Pigeon
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Brewer's Yeast For Racing Pigeons

Crude Protein:≥ 40%, ≥45%, Mositure:≤10%, Crude Ash:≤10%,Amino Acid≥ 30%

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                                              Brewers Yeast For Racing Pigeon


Brewers Yeast Powder is obtain from 100% pure beer yeast mud with roller dry which rich in 18 types of amino acid, vitamin B, organic microelement and minerals. Brewer's yeast powder is a natural plant protein source,the pure protein and carbohydrates.


Product Specification 

Crude Protein:≥ 40%, ≥45%, Mositure:≤10%, Crude Ash:≤10%,Amino Acid≥ 30%


Product Function For Pigeon

1).Improve nutritional value: Brewer's yeast powder is rich in protein, vitamin B group, amino acids and minerals, and can be used as a high-quality nutritional supplement to help improve the nutritional value of pigeon feed.


2).Promote growth and development: The nutrients in brewer's yeast help to promote the growth and development of pigeons, especially for the breeding of young pigeons, which can provide the required nutritional support.


3).Enhance immunity: The vitamin B group, amino acids and other components of brewer's yeast have a certain regulatory effect on the immune system of pigeons, helping to improve the resistance of pigeons and reduce the occurrence of diseases.


4).Promote digestion and absorption: Enzymes in brewer's yeast help to promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the feed of pigeons and improve the utilization rate of feed.


5).Improve feather quality: Amino acids and other nutrients in brewer's yeast have a positive effect on feather growth and quality, and can improve the condition of pigeons' feathers.


6).Regulate intestinal microecology: Probiotics in brewer's yeast help maintain the balance of intestinal flora, reduce the propagation of harmful bacteria, and promote intestinal health.


7).Improve athletic performance: Some studies have shown that adding brewer's yeast to athletic pigeons can improve their physical fitness and flight performance, helping to improve competition performance.



Certification:FAMI-QS ,ISO

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