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Active dry yeast is saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast for livestock feeding

Packaging & Storage

Packaging:5kg/vacuum package 10kg/box.

Storage: Store cool, dry and protect product from direct light.

Shelf life:24 months when kept in the above mentioned conditions.

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Feed Grade Dry Active Yeast 20billion cfu/g (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Active dry Yeast is a dry yeast product which is made by specially cultured fresh yeast after being squeezed and dehydrated to maintain strong fermentation ability. In ruminants , live yeast stimulates oxygen removal in the rumen to create favourable conditions for anaerobic bacteria to grow , thereby optimizing rumen fermentation and digestion . Yeast can also prevent the decrease in rumen pH associated with grain - based diets. By promoting cellulolytic and fibrolytic bacteria and other microorganisms in the rumen that consume lactic acid , yeast helps prevent acidosis . Furthermore , yeast competes with lactate - producing microorganisms for soluble sugars and idealizes the rumen pH . While in Swine active dry Yeast can stimulate digestion and aid in maintaining microbial equilibrium in the hindgut.

Feed grade dry active yeast​ specification:

Living bacteria count≥

20 Billion cfu/g

Infectious microbe,%≤


Moisture,% ≤


Hygienic index


Aflatoxin B1,ug/kg















Coliforms cfu/g



Molds cfu/g



Salmonella in25g



Active ingredients and content:

Pure natural yeast in hibernation, the purity of more than 99.5%, moisture 6.0, live bacteria number: 20 billion/grams, living cell rate of more than 90%

Feed additive dry active yeast​ advantage:

Optimize natural yeast strains, high survival rate in the animal, high activity, high purity, strong activity, can withstand gastric acid environment, adaptability, not sensitive to antibiotics. Dissolution, dispersion, and suspension are good.

Action mechanism:

Bulk feed grade dry active yeast creates anaerobic conditions in digestive tract, regulate gastrointestinal ph and microenvironment, secrete protease, amylase and lipase, improve digestion and absorption rate of feed, enrich B vitamins, promote secretion of digestive fluid and intestinal peristalsis.

Feed grade dry active yeast​ efficacy:

1. Regulate the balance of intestinal microflora in animals, prevent animals diarrhea,

2. Promote intestinal fermentation, reduce animal constipation,

3. Improve the production speed and survival rate of aquatic animal seedlings,

4. Reduce the number of pathogens in feces, improve culture environment,

5. Promote animal growth and reduce feed coefficient

Feed grade dry active yeast​ functions:

A. Active feed dry yeast can enhance animal appetite and feed digestion and absorption ratio accelerate growth of animal and decrease feed conversion ratio

B. Stimulate immune system and enhance immunity

C. Decrease bacteria in animal excreta and improve breeding environment

D. Adjust microbial flora balance in intestines and stomach, accelerate beneficial bacteria reproduction, and decrease bacterial diarrhea.

E. Animal feed dry active yeast is insensitive to antibiotic, producing no tolerance after feeding it to animals, and has no side effects in long-ter application

F. Animal nutrition dry active yeast can replace a large proportion of fish meal under the nutritionist's instructions

Feed grade dry active yeast​ application:

Whether you need dry active yeast for pigs, chicken, fish, horses, cows, geese or other anmials, Shuntian can  provide you professional feeding advice. Moreover, as a professional dry active yeast manufacturer, all of our products have passed ISO and FAMI-QS certifications, with unique function and intuitive effect , our feed additive yeast and probiotics have won the maority of users praise! Welcome to contact us for more information!

Active yeast

Active dry yeast

Dried yeast


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