Compound probiotics for aquaculture water treatment

Compound Probiotics for Water Treatment

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Compound Probiotics for pond water purification

I,Ingredients: Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus pumilus and other suitable carriers.

II,Live bacteria content :

2*1010cfu/g,1*1011 cfu/g

III,Product function:

1).Degradation of organic pollutants in water, improve a variety of bad water color (such as old green water, rust water, black odor water, white cloudy water, etc.)

2).Decompose the residual baits, excrement, animal and plant carcasses and other organic matter at the bottom of the pool to eliminate the deterioration of the pool, such as blackness, odor, acid and so on.

3).Removes ammonia nitrogen (NH3, NH4+) nitrite (NaNO2), hydrogen sulfide (FBS), heavy metal ions and other toxic substances in the water, and restores normal feeding and activities of aquatic animals.

4).This product contains highly effective living bacteria that can produce immune active substances, which is conducive to regulating the immunity of aquatic animals and the ability to resist stress.

IV,Scope of application:

Fish, shrimp, crab and other sea, fresh water aquaculture animals.

V,Usage and dosage:

Calculated with 20 billion CFU /g content, the dosage of other products can be converted according to actual content.

General use: this product 50-100g can be used in water depth of 1 area*meter,every 10-15 days, can maintain a good water environment.

Use when water quality deteriorates: this product 100-200g can be used in water depth of 1 area*meter,if serious it can be added to use or continuous use.

Dissolve and dilute this product with appropriate amount of water and then evenly sprinkle the whole pool. It is best to use it with activator. The effect will be better.


1.It is best to use this product in the morning on sunny days. If the weather changes within two days after using this product, you must pay attention to increase oxygen in advance.

2.Before and after the use of this product, avoid external use of insecticidal sterilization drugs.

3.Use the bag as soon as possible after opening it. If the bag cannot be used up at one time, seal the mouth of the bag for preservation.

VII,Packing: 25kg/ bag.


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