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What are the benefits of using photosynthetic bacteria in aquaculture technology

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What are the benefits of using photosynthetic bacteria in aquaculture technology?在水产养殖技术中使用光合细菌有什么好处?

Photosynthetic bacteria are a type of microorganisms that can grow under both anaerobic and anaerobic conditions without producing oxygen. Photosynthetic bacteria only need carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and small molecule organic matter to autotrophic or photoheterotrophic.光合细菌是一种可以在厌氧和厌氧条件下生长而不产生氧气的微生物。光合细菌只需要二氧化碳、硫化氢、氨和小分子有机物就能自养或光异养。

Simply put, if you sprinkle this guy on the fish pond, it won't take up space in the water and can still use some harmful substances in the water to make a living. So, what are the advantages of photosynthetic bacteria?简单地说,如果你把这个家伙撒在鱼塘上,它不会占用水中的空间,仍然可以利用水中的一些有害物质来谋生。那么,光合细菌有什么优势呢?

Firstly, purify water quality. The current aquaculture density is increasing, and the accumulation of feed and feces can lead to an increase in ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrite in the water, which can be toxic to aquaculture animals. At this point, photosynthetic bacteria play a significant role. Although there is no oxygen in the sediment at the bottom of the water, they can still consume ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrite for living, promoting the circulation and balance of ammonia and nitrogen in the water.首先,净化水质。目前养殖密度不断增加,饲料和粪便的积累可导致水中氨氮、硫化氢和亚硝酸盐的增加,对养殖动物具有毒性。在这一点上,光合细菌发挥了重要作用。虽然在水的底部沉积物中没有氧气,但它们仍然可以消耗氨氮,硫化氢和亚硝酸盐来生存,促进水中氨氮的循环和平衡。

Secondly, the feed additive photosynthetic bacteria culture medium has a high protein content and is rich in vitamins, equivalent to being a high nutrient. Adding it to feed can reduce feed coefficient and improve feed utilization.其次,饲料添加剂光合细菌培养基蛋白质含量高,维生素含量丰富,相当于高营养物。在饲料中添加可降低饲料系数,提高饲料利用率。

Thirdly, research on improving immunity has shown that photosynthetic bacteria contain various immune promoting factors and viral factors, which can enhance the immunity of aquaculture animals, enhance their disease resistance, promote the healthy growth of aquaculture animals, and play a good role in disease prevention.第三,关于提高免疫力的研究表明,光合细菌含有多种免疫促进因子和病毒因子,可以增强养殖动物的免疫力,增强其抗病能力,促进养殖动物的健康生长,起到很好的防病作用。第三,关于提高免疫力的研究表明,光合细菌含有多种免疫促进因子和病毒因子,可以增强养殖动物的免疫力,增强其抗病能力,促进养殖动物的健康生长,起到很好的防病作用。







Fourthly, for newborn aquatic animal larvae, appropriate opening materials can greatly improve their survival rate (some larvae have high mortality rates, such as shrimp and loaches). Moreover, photosynthetic bacteria are rich in nutrients and are very useful as opening materials.第四,对于新生水生动物幼虫,适当的开孔材料可以大大提高其存活率(有些幼虫死亡率很高,如虾和泥鳅)。此外,光合细菌富含营养,是非常有用的开孔材料。第四,对于新生水生动物幼虫,适当的开孔材料可以大大提高其存活率(有些幼虫死亡率很高,如虾和泥鳅)。此外,光合细菌富含营养,是非常有用的开孔材料。

Fifth, inhibit the growth of harmful algae and bacteria. Photosynthetic bacteria suppress the growth and reproduction of dominant harmful algae and bacteria by occupying space, competing for nutrients, and releasing disease resistant enzymes, thereby playing a role in preventing diseases and promoting growth.第五,抑制有害藻类和细菌的生长。光合细菌通过占据空间、争夺养分、释放抗病酶等方式抑制优势有害藻类和细菌的生长繁殖,从而起到预防疾病、促进生长的作用。

Finally, although photosynthetic bacteria are good, attention should be paid to their usage methods. If the water temperature is above 20 ℃, the pH value is between 6-8, metal containers cannot be used, disinfectants cannot be used, and can only be used after exposure to light.最后,虽然光合细菌是好的,但要注意它们的使用方法。如果水温在20℃以上,pH值在6-8之间,不能使用金属容器,不能使用消毒剂,只能在光照下使用。


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