Bacillus laterosporus

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Bacillus laterosporus, a gram-positive bacterium, can secrete a large amount of chitinase to inhibit fungal diseases, and has a strong inhibitory effect on vibrio, Escherichia coli, baculovirus and other harmful bacteria.

Product Features:

1. Improve loose soil, solve soil hardening phenomenon, so as to activate soil, improve fertilizer utilization rate, promote plant root growth, enhance root absorption capacity, and thus improve crop yield.

2. Inhibit the propagation of pathogens in and out of plants, reduce pests and diseases, and reduce pesticide residues.

3. Enhance plant metabolism, promote photosynthesis and strengthen leaf protective film to resist pathogenic bacteria.

4. Solidify some heavy metals to reduce the content of heavy metals in plants.

Main Uses:

Mix with organic fertilizer, constitute microbial fertilizer.


10 billion CFU/g, 30 billion CFU/g, 100 billion CFU/g 


Production in line with industry standards of biological organic fertilizer, compound microbial fertilizer (effective number of bacteria ≥ 20 million/g). Take 20 billion CFU/g as an example, adding at 0.1 ~ 0.5%.


Do not use with disinfection and antibacterial agents.

Storage: In a cool and dry place.

Packing specification: 25kg/ bag.

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