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Autolyzed yeast substituted plasma protein powder used on piglets

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Autolyzed yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae as the strain, obtained by liquid fermentation of bacteria, and then by autorolysis or exogenous enzyme catalytic hydrolysis, concentration or drying products, greatly improve the nutritional value of yeast. Autolyzed yeast are rich in mannan oligosaccharides, nucleic acids, nucleotides, small peptides, digestive enzymes, free amino acids and B vitamins.

The main difference between yeast hydrolysate and S. cerevisiae extract is that yeast hydrolysate is autolysis or enzymolysis followed by direct drying, while yeast extract is the drying of soluble components. From a certain point of view, yeast hydrolysate is the drying of yeast cell wall, while S. cerevisiae extract is the drying of yeast content without yeast cell wall. it can say : yeast hydrolysate = S. cerevisiae extract + S. cerevisiae cell wall

Effects of yeast hydrolysates on growth and development of pigs at different stages

Now research data show that yeast products in the improvement of digestion, increase feed intake of pigs, feed speed increase and solve the sow constipation, improve the weaning weight of piglets, decrease the rate of diarrhea of weaning piglets, promote growing and fattening pig only to feed digestion, absorption and the weight gain rate, improve the pig fur the performance has a very obvious effect.Autolyzed yeast are rich in small peptides, free amino acids, nucleic acids, B vitamins, functional oligosaccharides and other substances, which have been widely concerned for their role in increasing feed intake, improving immunity and promoting growth of young animals, and as high-quality raw materials to replace plasma protein powder.

Adding hydrolized yeast can increase feed intake, improve digestion and absorption, and increase growth rate of weaned piglets, and partially or completely replacing plasma protein powder does not affect the weight gain of piglets, and can improve feed conversion rate. It was found that yeast hydrolysate completely substituted plasma protein powder did not affect the performance and gastrointestinal development of piglets. The apparent ileum digestibility and standard digestibility of crude protein and amino acid of yeast hydrolysate were similar to plasma protein powder. After weaning, piglets lose important nucleotide nutrients in breast milk, and additional nucleoside and nucleotide supplementation can significantly improve intestinal morphology and reduce the incidence of diarrhea. There were no significant differences in feed intake, growth rate and feed conversion rate of weaned piglets after all yeast hydrolysates replaced imported plasma protein powder (P > 0.05). Therefore, the yeast hydrolysate replacement of plasma protein powder has no adverse effects on growth performance of piglets.

The experiment showed that adding 0.3% Autolyzed yeast, in the experimental diet significantly increased the daily feed intake of sows, which may be related to its nutritional composition. The yeast hydrolysates were rich in flavor nucleotides (guanosinic acid and inosinic acid) and flavor amino acids (glutamic acid), which synergistic effect could stimulate the taste organs of sows and promote their feeding, thus increasing the feed intake of sows. During the late gestation period, nutritional requirements of sows increase with embryo development. A large number of studies have proved that the birth weight of piglets is positively correlated with energy intake of sows in late gestation. Adding 0.25% yeast culture to the 7d prenatal diet of sows could increase the number of live litter in the experimental group. The results showed that adding 0.3% yeast hydrolysate in the diet significantly increased plasma Gln concentration of sows.

As a new single feed material, hydrolized yeast has a strong function of inducing food, and can be easily digested and absorbed by young animals. It can maintain intestinal morphology, regulate intestinal microflora and reduce diarrhea, and can significantly improve immunity. It is a kind of additive substance that can replace plasma protein powder. In the face of the high price of fish meal and plasma protein powder and the increasingly prominent biosafety problems, yeast hydrolysates have a very broad market prospect

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