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All-around Champion Water Quality Improvement Product

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Main components: Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus subtilis and other bacillus and a variety of complex enzymes

Living bacteria content: >5billion cfu/g

Scope of application: Suitable for all kinds of sea, fresh water aquaculture water, seedling water .

Main application:

Healthy, promote growth: this product can be directly added to feed, through biological oxygen and competitive point position, improve the intestinal environment, reduce PH value, improve the proportion of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract of breeding animals, promote the conversion and absorption of nutrients in feed, improve feed utilization rate, maintain the health of breeding animals

Regulate bacteria and control algae: this product can produce a variety of antibacterial peptides, reasonably regulate the structure of bacteria in water, and at the same time by competing with harmful algae for nutrition, improve water bath phase, control the spread of cyanobacteria, dinoflagellates and other harmful algae.

Protecting grass and inhibiting moss: this product can effectively clean the leaves of water plants and protect water plants if it is sprinkled on the dense place of water plants or moss, and at the same time inhibit and degrade the aged and dead moss by its own various active enzymes

Water purification and base: This product can rapid degradation of organic pollutants in water, reduce water in ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulphide, heavy metal ions and other harmful substances, improving all kinds of bad water (cyanobacteria water, old green water, red water, rust water, black ChouShui, gonorrhea water), decomposition of bottom remnant, dung, animal and plant body such as organic matter, reduce the bottom black and stink, sour deterioration, etc

Usage and dosage:

Feed addition: according to the proportion of 1% and feed evenly mixed, that is, this product 1 bag can mix 200kg

Full pool splashing:

Dissolve and dilute the product and splash evenly

Regular use: use this product 10-20g per  area of 1 meter water depth, use once every 15-20 days

Water quality, bottom deterioration: use 30-40g per mu of 1 meter water depth, local deterioration area priority, 3-5 days after depending on the situation can be used again

Use in the seedling stage: use at a rate of 0.3-0.5g(i.e. 0.3-0.5mg/L) per cubic meter of water, every 7-10 days

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