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Probiotics commonly used in aquaculture

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Swamp red pseudomonas | Photosynthetic bacteria | Probiotics commonly used in aquaculture沼泽红假单胞菌|光合细菌|水产养殖常用益生菌沼泽红假单胞菌|光合细菌|水产养殖常用益生菌

      Photosynthetic bacteria belong to Gram negative bacteria and can use sunlight for photosynthesis under anaerobic conditions, but do not produce oxygen. They are suitable for growth with a pH value between 6 and 8, and the optimal water temperature is 28 to 36 ℃.光合细菌属于革兰氏阴性菌,可以在厌氧条件下利用阳光进行光合作用,但不产生氧气。适宜生长的pH值为6 ~ 8,最适水温为28 ~ 36℃。

      Among them, photo powered inorganic autotrophic colored sulfur bacteria can use hydrogen sulfide as a hydrogen donor, reduce carbon dioxide, and thus remove hydrogen sulfide from water.其中,光动力无机自养有色硫菌可以利用硫化氢作为供氢体,还原二氧化碳,从而去除水中的硫化氢。

      In addition, some light energy organic heterotrophic red snail bacteria can use small molecule organic matter and inorganic nitrogen to synthesize organic nitrides, which play a role in degrading ammonia nitrogen and nitrite.此外,一些光能有机异养红蜗牛菌可以利用小分子有机物和无机氮合成有机氮化物,起到降解氨氮和亚硝酸盐的作用。

      The preparation of photosynthetic bacteria in aquaculture uses one or more photosynthetic bacteria belonging to purple non sulfur bacteria as the bacterial species, and forms a liquid preparation of live bacteria after cultivation. Currently, swamp red pseudomonas is widely used for water quality purification, disease prevention and control, and aquatic feed cultivation.水产养殖中光合细菌的制备采用一种或多种属于紫色非硫菌的光合细菌作为菌种,经培养后形成活菌的液体制剂。目前沼泽红假单胞菌被广泛应用于水质净化、疾病防治、水产饲料养殖等方面。

When using, it is important to note that:使用时,重要的是要注意:

      (1) The use of photosynthetic bacteria requires light to function, and it cannot produce good results in water layers with low light visibility.(1)光合细菌的利用需要光来发挥作用,在光能见度低的水层不能产生良好的效果。

      (2) Photosynthetic bacteria can only decompose small molecule organic matter, while large molecule organic matter needs to be decomposed into small molecules by other microorganisms and then utilized by photosynthetic bacteria. Therefore, photosynthetic bacteria should be used in conjunction with other beneficial bacteria.(2)光合细菌只能分解小分子有机物,大分子有机物需要其他微生物分解成小分子,再被光合细菌利用。因此,光合细菌应与其他有益细菌结合使用。


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