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Customer satisfaction is our highest honor

0 Author 2023-11-30 10:24:04

On 6th September , we participated in the KISTOCK In Korea, the customer took away the sample of Bacillus subtilis and did a rapid test, the test results are very satisfactory and 2nd Nov placed the first order, customer satisfaction is our highest honor!

Bacillus subtilis offers several benefits for animal health, including improved gut health, enhanced nutrient utilization, immune system stimulation, reduced gastrointestinal infections, stress reduction, antibiotic alternatives, and environmental advantages. By incorporating Bacillus subtilis as a probiotic in livestock production, farmers can support the well-being and productivity of their animals while adopting sustainable farming practices.

As a FAMI-QS Passed Manufacturer, you can be assured of our quality and quality stability, welcome to inquire us soon!

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