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Brewers yeast powder Nutrition and efficacy used for dogs and cats

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Everybody loves their pets alot,

Do you how to keep the pets more health, lets introduce our brewers yeast powder for you

Brewers yeast powder Nutrition and efficacy

1. Provide vitamins and minerals: Brewer's yeast powder is rich in a variety of vitamin B groups, minerals and amino acids, which can provide comprehensive nutritional support for pets.

2. Promote hair health: The vitamin B group and amino acids in brewer's yeast are beneficial to pet skin and hair, can improve the quality of hair, reduce hair removal and skin problems.

3. Strengthen the immune system: Some ingredients in brewer's yeast powder have an immunomodulatory effect, helping to improve your pet's resistance and reduce the possibility of disease.

4. Promote intestinal health: The probiotics and fiber in brewer's yeast powder help maintain the microecological balance of pets' intestines and promote a healthy digestive system.

5. Increase appetite: Some pet owners have observed that the addition of brewer's yeast powder can increase the pet's appetite and make them more willing to eat their food.

6. Support the nervous system: The vitamin B group in brewer's yeast is beneficial to the nervous system of pets, helping to maintain the normal operation of nervous function.

7. Regulate gastrointestinal function: The enzymes in brewer's yeast powder can promote the digestion and absorption of pets' food and help maintain the normal operation of gastrointestinal function.

8. Protein supplement: Brewer's yeast powder is rich in protein and can be used as a protein source in pet diet to support growth and development and body maintenance.

Note: When using brewer's yeast powder, pet own

Brewers yeast powder for pets

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