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Application of Live Yeast in Ruminant Animals

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Title: Application of Active Dry Yeast in Ruminant Animals


Active yeast, also known as active yeast, is a beneficial supplement that has gained popularity in the animal feed industry. Its application in ruminant animals, such as cattle, sheep, and goats, has shown promising results in improving their digestive health, nutrient utilization, and overall performance. This article aims to explore the various benefits and potential applications of live yeast in ruminant animals.

1. Enhanced rumen fermentation:

Dry Active Yeast contains Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a beneficial yeast strain that aids in rumen fermentation. The yeast cells adhere to the rumen walls, promoting the growth of anaerobic bacteria and fungi. This leads to improved fiber digestion, increased production of volatile fatty acids, and enhanced microbial protein synthesis in the rumen.

2. Improved feed efficiency:

Live yeast supplementation has been shown to improve feed efficiency in ruminants. By optimizing rumen fermentation, live yeast promotes the breakdown of fibrous feed components, resulting in increased nutrient availability and better utilization by the animal. This leads to improved feed conversion, allowing animals to gain weight more efficiently.

3. Enhanced immune response:

Live yeast supplementation has been linked to a strengthened immune response in ruminant animals. It stimulates the production of cytokines, which are essential for immune regulation and disease resistance. Furthermore, live yeast improves gut health by balancing the microbial population, reducing the risk of digestive disorders and infections.

4. Ammonia reduction:

Ruminants produce ammonia as a byproduct of microbial protein synthesis in the rumen. Excessive ammonia levels can be detrimental to animal health and the environment. Live yeast helps reduce ammonia production by increasing the utilization of nitrogen in the rumen, thus minimizing its release into the atmosphere.

5. Heat stress alleviation:

Ruminant animals are susceptible to heat stress, which negatively impacts their performance and overall health. Live yeast supplementation has been shown to improve heat tolerance in these animals. By enhancing rumen fermentation and nutrient absorption, live yeast helps maintain body temperature and reduce the negative effects of heat stress.


The application of live yeast in ruminant animals provides numerous benefits, including enhanced rumen fermentation, improved feed efficiency, enhanced immune response, ammonia reduction, and heat stress alleviation. These advantages contribute to the overall health, productivity, and well-being of ruminant animals. However, it is important to consider proper dosage, quality, and timing of live yeast supplementation, as individual animal needs may vary. Further research is warranted to explore additional benefits and optimize the use of live yeast in ruminant nutrition.

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