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Animal Feed Grade Brewers Yeast Powder

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Brewer's yeast powder for animal feed is purified from fresh brewer's yeast by centrifugation and steam drying. Feed brewer's yeast powder is a special nutritional additive for livestock and poultry feed. Feed yeast powder from Shuntian is a kind of high quality single-cell protein, rich in B vitamins and minerals, non-toxic and harmless, is a rare green feed additives.

Brewer's yeast powder for animal breeding feed has its own characteristics and is widely used in poultry feed, pig feed, horse feed, aquatic feed and special breeding animal feed.

1. Can promote digestion, improve digestibility, improve feed meat ratio.

2. Increase the growth rate, reduce the occurrence of diseases and inhibit the reproduction of harmful microorganisms.

3. Improve the palatability of feed for livestock, aquatic products and ruminants, especially for special aquatic products.

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