Multi-functional bio-feed fermenting agent

Multi-functional bio-feed fermenting agent

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1.Product ingredients

A variety of lactic acid bacteria and a variety of bacillus, yeast, suitable carrier, etc.

2.Live bacteria content

≥1.5X1010cfu/ g

3.Product Efficacy

1).Fermented feed and dregs to prevent moulding

The product can ferment silage, soybean dregs, distillers, etc. The content of protein, sugar and amino acid that can be absorbed after fermentation is increased greatly.It is a good feed for livestock such as cattle and sheep and can be kept for a long time

2).Improve feed absorption and reduce feed cost.

The active microorganisms in the product can metabolize and produce active substances in the animal's body, so that the animal's intestinal digestive system reaches an optimal state, promoting the maximization of animal absorption and reducing feed costs.

3).Farm deodorization

The unique microorganisms in the product can effectively eliminate the smell of animal faeces and decompose the residues in the animal house.Practice has proved that the product can reduce the odour of the farm by 70~80%.

4).Improve the quality of breeding products

The compound beneficial microorganisms in the product can improve the micro-ecological environment of the intestinal tract, which is conducive to the elimination of toxins in the animal's body, and can reduce more than 70% of antibiotic or hormone residues in the body. The quality of the meat is obviously naturally fresh and delicious, without rough feeling.

4.Usage and dosage

1).Fermented feed, take soybean meal as an example: Using this product 200~300g with a small amount of corn flour (or replace with 5kg brown sugar or molasses) pre-mixed evenly, soybean meal 1000kg, add water about 1/2, stir evenly. Compaction and sealed fermentation for more than 5 to 7 days. Ferment until it has wine or sour flavour, pH 3.5 -5.6

2).Fermentation of soya bean dregs, swill, fungus chaff, fruit pomace, etc.: Take 1000kg of wet material, 60~100kg of energy feeds such as corn meal or bran, add 150~250g of this product, adjust the moisture to about 50%, and then seal the fermentation for more than 5~7 days. Ferment until it has wine or sour smell, pH between 3.5~5.6

3).Treatment of moldy feed raw materials:mildly moldy feed raw materials(ensure the moisture content of about 50%)add 200~500g of this product (dissolved in water and diluted) Closed and pressed tightly, fermentation for about two weeks can remove the mouldy mycotoxin,When feeding, use less than 30% of the amount combined with other feed to feed animals,It is recommended to mix fungus agent with corn flour or bran in a 1:5 ratio in the appliance before use.


Do not use with disinfectant and antibacterial drugs.

6.Shelf life:

12 months in a cool, dry place.



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