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Talk about Mold removal agent for animal feed

0 Author 2022-09-03 10:33:59

The Mold removal agent is a kind of clay adsorbent, which makes use of the ion polarity formed by the multi-space structure and surface of the tetrahedral layer to strongly adsorb mycotoxins with the same ionic polarity. The strong adsorption power comes from the large surface area and electrostatic adsorption. The other is yeast cell wall extract: using the chemical structure of glucose mannan in yeast cell wall and the affinity of mycotoxin, which also belongs to organic class, to adsorb mycotoxin.

The detection rate of mycotoxin in feed and raw grain used in breeding was more than 97%. Mycotoxin can cause immunosuppression, reproductive disorder, hepatobiliary injury, hepatorenal toxicity, gene mutation and teratogenic carcinogenesis in animals. Immunosuppression of livestock and poultry and low immunity are the source of all diseases, which is the fundamental reason for frequent occurrence of livestock and poultry diseases and cause nameless high fever syndrome. Therefore, the premise of breeding safety is to solve the problem of mold contamination. The new generation of mildew remover solves the problem of mold contamination completely in four ways

First, physical adsorption method: the sodium calcium hydroxide aluminate, nano-montmorillonite by special process treatment, the adsorption layer is fully exposed, so that its adsorption force is stronger, higher adsorption

Two, chemical inactivation method: PROpionic acid, sorbic acid can destroy mold function, hinder mold metabolism, reduce the toxic side effects of Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus ochraceus, Aspergillus fumigatus, alpinone and other mold.

3. Enzyme preparation degradation method: mycin, high-activity PRObiotics, active Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Bacillus subtilis can increase the number of beneficial bacteria in livestock and poultry, reduce the living space of harmful mold, and degrade its toxicity with enzyme preparation.

4. Chinese pharmacological therapy: Only traditional Chinese medicine can play the role of protective box therapy for hepatobiliary injury and hepatorenal toxicity caused by mycotoxin. This product can protect liver and GALLbladder, nourish Yin and protect the nest, improve immunity, repair the damaged organs of animals, and restore the physiological function of organs

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